Welcome to Balanced Newtrition, a new way to nourish the mind, body and soul. Using skilled touch, quantum biofeedback, and Intuitive Insights Coaching to help the client to have the life they desire and deserve. 


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Allergies, Our Natural Biofeedback System

Do seasonal allergies get you down? Please order my "Allergies, Our Natural Biofeedback System" to learn how allergies help alert us to serious issues and how to work with them instead to bring about greater health and understanding.

"Allergies are our natural biofeedback system letting us know when we are experiencing an imbalance" 

Dr Velvete H. Womack, PhD

What our clients are saying

Dr. Velvete literally knows how to cut to the chase.  She is compassionate and truly listens to the individual without becoming attached to the story. We all need someone who sees our truth. 

Tina W.

What our clients are saying

Wow, I had no idea that I would fall asleep during my session. Dr. Velvete did all the work and I just simply relaxed. After the session I was able to breathe better.  I didn't realize my nutritional needs were so out of balance. But with a quick scan we were able to see the imbalance of a particular supplement I needed which promoted a much needed balance in my life. I look forward to each of my sessions with Dr. Velvete and look forward to the depth of wellness and ease in my life.

Ryan W.